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This guide aims to provide answers for common questions and queries you may have while using Bulk Buffer.

Do you have a sample file?
A sample text file can be found here. Edit it in your favourite text editor.
How many updates can I send at a time?
You can upload as many files as you wish, but you can only send a total of 250 updates each time.
What can I send?
Each update can be a maximum of 500 characters in length (140 for tweets). You are limited to a total of 250 updates and 25 selected profiles at a time but there are no daily caps.
What format should files be in?
Files must be in either txt or csv format. Each update should be on a newline and may optionally be enclosed within quotation marks.
Do you support scheduled updates?
We do not currently support scheduling of updates, but it is on our wishlist for future versions.
Do you support bulk uploading images?
No, we do not support image uploading. Adding support for attaching image urls is on our wishlist.
What browsers do you support?
We support most modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (9+). Please note that some older browsers and mobile devices may not support all features.
Are you related to Buffer?
No, we are a wholly separate entity with no affiliation with Buffer.
Contact us
To get in touch, please use our Twitter account (@BulkBuffer) or email your question (and any attached files) to