Since 2013, Bulk Buffer has sent over 10,000,000 updates to Buffer.

Bulk Buffer provides a simple way to send multiple updates to your Buffer account. With support for uploading text or csv files, as well as manually adding and editing updates, social media managers can quickly and easily curate many weeks worth of content in one go.

Bulk Buffer is owned and operated by Luke Lanchester, a web developer from England. Bulk Buffer is a free service and relies on your support and donations to keep going. If you've found Bulk Buffer useful, please consider making a donation to help us keep the server running.

Bulk Buffer is not affiliated with Buffer in any way, but we love those guys for making such an awesome service!

To keep up to date or get in touch, follow @BulkBuffer.

Hopper is the scheduling tool for Instagram. It's the only fully automatic scheduling tool available from mobile and desktop (including bulk upload). If you use Bulk Buffer, you'll want to check out Hopper!