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The developer of Bulk Buffer now works for Hopper HQ - the Instagram automated posting, planning & analytics tool. See what this means for you below.

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Upload hundreds of messages via CSV to your Buffer account for free. Over 1.3 billion updates sent since 2013. Upload a text or csv file, or manually enter your updates, and send to your Buffer profiles. Bulk Buffer is a free service, not owned, operated or affiliated in any way with Buffer. We rely on your donations to keep operating, if you find our service helpful please consider donating. Learn how Bulk Buffer can help you today.

Oct 2023 Update — Bulk Buffer back in action

One of the core services that Bulk Buffer has relied on since it's creation 10 years ago recently shut down. This meant Bulk Buffer couldn't send any posts to Buffer.

I have now rewritten the backend part of Bulk Buffer to use a newer alternative. Hopefully this means BB can keep on sending posts for another 10 years.

(As an aside, BB has now sent over 1,300,000,000 updates to Buffer)

Cheers, Luke @ Bulk Buffer

May 2019 Update — Looking to bulk upload and auto post to Instagram?

Bulk Buffer was created in 2013 by Luke Lanchester to make working with Buffer easier. It has been a labour of love, worked on over weekends and evenings. But all things must come to an end.

As of 2019, I have started working with the amazing team over at Hopper HQ, the Instagram automated posting, planning & analytics tool. Hopper HQ supports:

I think it's really awesome (it's why I joined!), and I think you will too. If you use Bulk Buffer a lot, I recommend you give it a try.

As for Bulk Buffer, it will continue to operate, separate of both Buffer and Hopper. But it won't receive any new updates or features. Thank you for your support.

Luke @ Bulk Buffer and Hopper HQ